Book Talk: The Girl on the Train

8:30:00 PM

The internet has it's when it gives me book recommendations from people I’ve never met! My latest read comes from vlogger essiebutton, whose beauty videos I’m completely obsessed with, and who has recently started posting about the books she’s going to be reading, so we can all join in. Her book this month is one I’d heard good things about, so I knew I had to check it out before the month was through. It’s The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

Once again, I was completely sucked in by a book’s cover art - at this point, there’s no denying that I definitely judge a book by it’s cover. But I was also drawn to it because of the reactions of other readers, who touted the book as a Gone Girl-esque novel.

My love for Gone Girl and Gillian Flynn meant that my interest was piqued before I even read the jacket description, which confirmed that I was most definitely reading this book. I immediately understood the Gone Girl comparison - and it goes beyond the domestic setting and whodunnit aspect - both Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn have a way of writing so that you feel an instant familiarity with the characters. They write characters who are deeply flawed and intensely relatable – people you are, people you know, people you live with or buy coffee for or work across the hall from – people who are capable of more than we want to believe is possible.

And I think that’s what draws people to books like these - at least, that what drew me to them. Although I’ve never walked the streets that Rachel, Tom, Scott, and Megan have walked, and even though I’ve never had the experiences that they’ve had, I still feel as though I would recognize them if we met. Which is what makes Paula Hawkins’ writing awesome - and supremely creepy. I’ll definitely be recommending The Girl on the Train and - of course - keeping my eye out for the next book that’ll keep me on my toes.

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