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I moved recently, so this book tag turned out to be kind of like a scavenger hunt, which I loved! I had fun digging through my boxes trying to find book covers, and I was surprised by which ones came to me right away and which ones I genuinely struggled to find. I feel like I came up with a pretty well rounded assortment - everything from classics to YA to contemporary, as well as read, TBR, and wish list books!

Big thanks to Reviews from a Bookworm for tagging me and to Novel Ink for creating this tag.

1. The word "gone" in the title

I didn't think this one would be difficult, but Gone Girl was literally the only book I could find on my shelf that fit! Since You've Been Gone is on my wish list - I don't own it, but hopefully I will soon.

2. Book with a weapon on the cover

When I read this, the first book that popped into my head was Graceling, which is on my TBR list.

3. Book with a moon

With the stars shining and light seeping through the clouds, you can practically feel the moon about to peek out of this gorgeous cover. The Light Between Oceans is definitely worth a read.

4. Girl in a white dress

I took a little creative liberty by including Oxygen, since the tag specifies a girl wearing a white dress, but it was the first book I thought of and it's definitely one worth sharing. Carol Cassella gets comparisons to Jodi Picoult, and the hype is well deserved. Letting Go is another from my TBR pile.

5. Couple kissing

This cover was surprisingly difficult to find - I couldn't find a couple kissing, even after I searched through my romance books. I ended up fudging this one - Far From the Madding Crowd is on my TBR list, but I own a different edition - this one popped up on my Amazon recommendations, and I said "close enough!" The cover is actually really beautiful - I wish I owned this one instead!

6. Book with a sunset

This was without a doubt the most difficult book to find. I ended up going with a cover that is more abstract art/word association than actual sunset, but hey - I'll take what I can get. The Sun Also Rises is considered a favorite by many, but I struggled to stay engaged with it and felt relieved when I finally finished.

7. Book with headphones

Just Listen is a book I haven't read in years - in fact, it may have been one of the first YA books I ever read. Sarah Dessen is an amazing author, but she's also a hilarious Twitter-er - check her out here. Eleanor and Park is on my wish list - I've read Attachments, Fangirl, and Landline and loved them all, so I'm excited to read more Rainbow Rowell in the future.

8. Book with water

There wasn't a doubt in my mind that this was the book to use for books with water! The cover is visually stunning. The Ocean at the End of the Lane was my first introduction to Neil Gaiman and a recent read, which I raved about here. Read it, read it now!

9. Book with a flower

I read The Woman Who Heard Color, loved it, and immediately passed it onto my mom, who read it and loved it, too! It's a fantastic piece of historical fiction, if that's what you're looking for.

10. Book with heart(s)

Rules of Seduction is a recent addition to my TBR pile, and I'm super excited to get a chance to read it. Things We Know by Heart is a book everyone but me seems to have read, and I'm adding it to my wish list now! I love that it has both literal and figurative hearts on the cover. :)

I TAG: Read-a-lotteDiva Booknerd, and the ladies at Paper Riot :)
I was going to tag Paper Fury, but she already did it! You can see her pretty pretty pictures here! Even if I didn't tag you, I'd love to see what book covers you can "find!"

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