Book Talk: The Wrath and the Dawn

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The Wrath and the Dawn is the A Thousand and One Nights adaptation I didn't know I wanted. Sometimes called Arabian Nights, the original tales are told - surprise, surprise - over a thousand and one nights in the main character's attempt to stay her execution by a vengeful king.

I've read a few adaptations recently (Cruel Beauty, Crimson Bound, and The Penelopiad) but none had a magnetism like this one. Shazi and Khalid tell a tale as old as time for the modern age. These are two strong young people who do what they must in order to protect the people they love, whatever the personal cost.

This is perhaps the most remarkable thing about Shazi as a character - she is beautiful and smart, but it is her fierceness and determination that make her such an appealing character. Each time she shirked or defied the "appropriate" or "womanly" thing expected of her, my heart did a little happy dance as I imagined all the girls who will grow up reading this modern fairy tale.

A lack of diversity in YA literature has long been a topic of discussion, but this novel brings what feels like authentic cultural knowledge to it's readers. I'll admit, this novel could be difficult at times, in part because of the language barrier and the names - character names/titles are often difficult for me to keep straight - but I'm so glad I powered through that initial learning curve and was able to experience all this novel had to offer.

Renee Ahdieh paints a beautiful picture of a world and a culture I know embarrassingly little about - but now, because of her, I want to know more! I felt like I didn't just live and breathe these characters, but their world as well. Every element is described in beautiful detail, from the traditional foods to terms of endearment to the clothing - which I was envious of the entire time I was reading!

Ultimately, I felt I really had a chance to get to know these characters and this world, so it wasn't too disappointing when I was left wanting - more information, more answers, more time! Although I'm glad I got to see what laid behind the cover of a book everyone seems to be adding to their TBR pile, it's almost a disappointment to have read this so soon after it's release - it means I'll have to wait that much longer to get my hands on book number two!

What's your favorite literary adaptation? Let me know down below!

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