Monthly Scribbles: July

8:30:00 PM

Most Read? My own blog - is that conceited? I spent a lot of time this month fine tuning the layout and appearance of my new blog, as well as writing, revising, and scheduling a TON of content for the upcoming month. I also took a major chunk out of my TBR and my To Be Blogged pile. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes was a major monthly favorite.

Most Watched? Misfits! Mary Kate Wiles recommended the show on her YouTube series Craftversations, which coincidentally, I also watched a lot of this month. Misfits is a hilarious sci-fi drama from the BBC, and it's available to watch on Hulu - but be aware it's definitely for mature audiences. Craftversations is a series by one of my favorite actors/vloggers where she does crafts and converses with friends/fellow actors. It's compelling and simultaneously super relaxing to watch.

Most Worn? Sneakers. Not exciting - a broken toe plus a renewed desire to exercise regularly meant these were definitely the things I wore most this month. I can't wait to get back to wearing sandals. Also, Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in Mintilicious and District-ly Come Dancing which were on my fingers and toes, respectively, all month long. I'm obsessed with teal, and these colors spoke to me. Plus, they're great quality and super inexpensive. Score!


District-ly Come Dancing

Most Heard? Oh, Father by Meghan Tonjes. This song resonates. Also, The Civil Wars station on Pandora for the aforementioned gym time. Slow music for a walk/run surprisingly works for me. I got the idea from a book I read recently - you can read my mixed feelings about it here. I'm still in deep mourning over the breakup of The Civil Wars - I KNOW IT HAPPENED A WHILE AGO I'M STILL NOT OVER IT - but I can be consoled by listening to Joy William's new album, Venus, which is a stunner. She gave a great interview about it here! My favorite song is What a Good Woman Does.

Most Heart? I heart my Moleskin 18 month planner! I'm not committed to a particular brand of planner (although Barnes and Noble makes a mean one), but I do know what I like - horizontal layouts and lots of open space! This planner isn't as ostentatious as some of my previous ones have been, but it is a vibrant red, which I'm really feeling. I desperately missed having a physical planner to write in the last few months, and I don't understand how people can stay organized any other way.

Most Magical? My magical moment - a la leighannsays - has actually been tough to come up with. I thought I knew what my magical moment was going to be, but it didn't actually turn out the way I planned (does life ever?). Fingers crossed that my magical moment is going to come to pass by the end of the month (I'm writing this with about 5 days left). There's a lot of stress associated with change, but it's also a chance for something great to come into your life, so I'm trying to embrace it and not overanalyze it (which is my default setting). It can be hard, though!

That being said, if I have to choose a magical moment that's already happened, I'm probably going to go with several moments - basically, the opportunity I had to really take time for myself this month. I read a lot, bought some new books, and began working on the blog in earnest. I'm trying to find a good work/sleep/life balance, but it definitely hasn't been easy. Here's hoping next month brings a little more magic into my life.

So, that's it - that's my July in review. I'm excited to start this series! I think it'll be interesting to keep a snapshot of what's been happening in my life - and it'll be a great way for me to share some non-bookish loves of mine!

*Some of the above images are not my own - I'm not laying claim, just sharing the love*

What were some of your favorites from the month of July? I'd love it if you shared them with me!

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