Monthly Scribbles: September

9:30:00 PM

Most Read?

I don't think I did a single page of non-work-related reading this month. That's the kind of month it's been. But, I have become absolutely addicted to listening to audiobooks during my commute, so I'm getting my fix that way. The Help was without a doubt my favorite - both because of the story and because of the incredible cast of voice actors who narrated it. I savored every chapter.

Most Watched?

I have a teensy out of control addiction to beauty products, and I love reading/watching new beauty bloggers/vloggers. This month I discovered Rachel Whitehurst (through a collaboration she did with Meghan Tonjes) and watched approximately 3,829 of her videos.

Most Worn? 

I had a pretty good month, complexion-wise, but I still like to wear foundation, especially to work. I wound up creating a kind of tinted moisturizer by mixing the Olay Fresh Start Swirled Mattifier and the Physician's Formula Touch of Glow foundation - both meh products on their own (the supposed redness reducing mattifier didn't do much for me, and the foundation was a shade too dark) but put together, these products made the foundation I ended up liking and wearing nearly every day. The mattifier sheers out the coverage of the foundation, which I actually think I would really like if they made a lighter shade, and it made me feel like I wasn't really wearing foundation. I'm tempted to try the mattifier with some of my other foundations, just to see if I can achieve a similar effect. Who knew a couple products I nearly trashed would end up being some of my most worn?

Most Heard?

Audiobooks. All the audiobooks. I finished 4 this month: The Particular Sadness of Lemon CakeThe HelpFunny Girl, and Rooms. I absolutely LOVE the Overdrive app for borrowing books, especially audiobooks, which you can download via Wi-Fi and listen to whenever you want.

Most Heart?

An ode to Starbucks' Mango Black Tea Lemonade: my love for you is as big as your name is long. I heart you so. Don't ever go.

I'm pretty sure the sun is about to set on this refreshing summer-y beverage, because I haven't been able to find it at any of my local Starbucks' in the last few weeks. Say it ain't so!

Most Magical?

My most magical moment - a la leighannsays - would probably have to be finding my new place! I've been super stressed about my living situation the past few months, and it was really coming down to the wire. I'm so relieved and excited to finally have that sorted out. On the downside, it means I've got to get packing. Again. Eugh.

That's it for the month of September! I hope each of our Octobers is full of cooler weather, brighter leaves, and an abundance of fall-themed foodstuffs (I've always wanted to use the word foodstuffs).

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