Monthly Scribbles: October

9:00:00 PM

Most Read?

Without a doubt, my most read has to be In Sunlight and In Shadow by Mark Helprin. I talked about the book in a recent haul, but ended up borrowing the audiobook as I simply didn't have time to start reading it. That book was an absolute beast at over 700 pages and took me weeks to listen to, but I ended up falling head over heels for Henry and Catherine and their whole post-WWII love affair. Each time I picked it up, I felt as though I was traveling through time.

Most Watched?

I've probably already mentioned my minor addiction to all things Food Network, and this month I got hooked on watching The Great Food Truck Race on Netflix. Tyler Florence is a not-too-annoying host, which I appreciate in any kind of competition based show, and I always find myself drawn in to all the stories of the friends and families who joined the competition so they could have a shot at starting their own business. Plus, you know, food.

Most Worn?

My new favorite shoes came from a brand recommended to me by my mom - Me Too, which I've had a hard time finding in stores. That is, until I stumbled on this pair while I was shopping in Ross this month. They have padded soles that I figured would be comfortable, and I was right. Plus even though they're metallic, the gunmetal grey color is pretty versatile and looks great with a ton of outfits. 

Most Heard?

Because I was internet-less for most of the month of October, I didn't use Pandora or Spotify to listen to much, and those are usually my go-to's. Instead, I ended up listening to whatever music I had on hand, which, as it turns out, is a lot of stuff I used to listen to in high school. After jamming out to Amy Winehouse's Rehab on repeat for a while, I rediscovered my love for the Arctic Monkeys. I listened to them a ton, specifically their album Favourite Worst Nightmare.

Most Heart?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I didn't know how fond I was until I was without internet access for half the month. I was so relieved to be returning to the land of WiFi I could have cried.

Most Magical?

My most magical moment - a la leighannsays - was the most difficult of these categories to come up with this month. I moved, didn't have internet, and completely fell off my blogging routine. I was under a ton of financial and emotional stress, and I got sick. I wasn't exactly feeling the love this month. Still, there's usually at least one good day, even in the crappiest of months, and mine was a workday where I got to refocus, reconnect with some of my coworkers, take a breath, and remember why I do what I do in spite of all the stress. Those days are few and far between, and I look forward to them all the time. Sidenote: WHY do all teacher stock photos look ridiculous? It's like no one with a camera has ever been inside a real school. Instead, enjoy this picture of a cute librarian girl I saw on Pinterest one time.

I hope your month has been marvelous and magical but if, like me, it's been less than stellar, I hope you at least got to eat lots of candy you bought under the pretense that it was for trick-or-treaters and instead kept for yourself. See you in November!

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