Word Wednesday: Joyce Carol Oates

5:18:00 PM

I've been thinking for a while now about making an addition to the blog - something I would enjoy, something that wouldn't take age to put together, and something that wouldn't pull my attention from the project at hand. It recently occurred to me that one of my favorite pastimes of wading through bookish quotes could be put to good use here - and voila! Word Wednesday was born.

For my first quote, I chose an author who is well known and yet totally unknown to me! This quote feels particularly resonant - I've always found literature to be an exploration of our humanity. I did a little googling about Joyce Carol Oates after hearing this quote and discovered that she was a voracious reader and writer from an early age and continues to have a remarkable career as a writer, addressing race, class, and gender issues within her works.
I love discovering new authors, and I've definitely added Oates to my ever growing wishlist. Now it's your turn! I'd love it if you'd share one of your favorite quotes with me - maybe we can even make it a regular thing. :)

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