Monthly Scribbles: December

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AKSHGOSDKGJALSKDGHASLDKF. It's nearly January. JANUARY! I'm both in denial about the passage of time and in anticipation of new beginnings. But before I get ahead of myself, it's time to recap the things I was living and loving in the month of December.

Most Read?

I didn't read a ton of books this month, but I was most excited to get my hands on Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman. Reese Witherspoon narrated the audiobook, which was absolutely awesome. I went into detail about my feelings on the novel here, if you're interested.

Most Watched?

My love of all cooking/baking shows being well established, it was only natural that I eventually discover The Great British Bake Off. I haven't felt this passionate about a show in a long time. Because I live in the US, there is only one season available on Netflix, but I HIGHLY recommend it. It's the perfect blend of snark, contestants you can't help but root for, and beautiful baked goods.

Most Worn?

I've already raved about my love of the Tarte Showstopper Palette, but come on. Look at it! IT'S SO PRETTY. And it's even prettier on your face. You've seen this nail polish a couple of times already if you follow me on instagram (@sparklescribble) but it's been on my nails pretty much constantly since I got it. It's Zoya nail lacquer in Rue. Sidenote: does that remind anyone else of The Hunger Games? Just me? This color doesn't photograph nearly as gorgeous as it comes off in person - it's a beautiful blush nude color.

Most Heard?

Coincidentally, both of my picks for most heard are musical soundtracks. Sara Bareilles is a musical goddess, and now she's a musical goddess who has written songs for a musical. Her songs from Waitress are soulful and stunning. I've belted these songs in my car for weeks and don't see an end in sight. Hamilton has become a pop-culure sensation and has been EVERYWHERE recently, but I couldn't leave it out because I. love. it. so. much. I love musicals. I love hip hop. I love humor. I love history. It's each of those things combined, and it's brilliant. And even though I will probably never have the chance to see the musical, I can listen to the production in its entirety (and already have, multiple times) through the 46 songs on the cast recording. I purchased it for $1.99 on Google Play Music, so take advantage of that deal if it's still available! Both albums are also on Spotify.

Most Heart?

I'm sure I've already talked about a planner in one of my monthly scribbles, but LOOK I really like planners, okay? I've been keeping an eye out for a decent sized 2016 planner for work, and I quite like this white and gold one from sugarpaper that I bought at Target.

Most Magical?

I relate to Chandler on a deep, spiritual level. I have used this gif more than once to describe my feelings about my (substantial) time off this month. My magical moment this month was being able to wear sweats, sit in the same spot for hours on end, and not feel guilty that I should be doing something else. I watched tv for the first time in weeks, caught up on sleep, and had conversations that didn't revolve around solving a crisis. It was much needed. It also gave me time to play around with the blog, which I very much enjoyed!

That's all I've got for my December favorites. I very much hope you enjoyed this month and that you'll let me know what some of your favorite things of the month were below!

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  1. I started to panic then, thinking I've lost a few days and I don't even remember drinking. I love the bakeoff shows! We have one in Australia too, The Great Australian Bakeoff and it's so delicious and snarky too. That polish is divine! I'm a big fan of natural and muted shades, they go with everything and look really elegant <3

    1. *panics, rereads* WHOOPS. I don't know what I was thinking! I guess I was thinking "nearly" but didn't type it? The bakeoff is a new addiction - I wish they made more shows available internationally so I could see what you're watching in Australia! Thanks for stopping by! <3


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