Beauty Talk: My February Ipsy

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It's that time again - I'm sharing what I got in my February Ipsy Glam Bag. If you're wondering what the heck that is, Ipsy is a beauty subscription that sends you products for $10 a month. This is the third bag I've received and I have to say, I'm really enjoying it. I wondered if the novelty of it would get old after the first month, but it's kind of like sending yourself a little present. It's a low-cost way to make yourself feel special, and what's not to love about that?

First up, let's talk about the bag. I've had mixed feelings about the bags I received in the last couple months, and if I'm being totally honest, both of them are currently camped out in the back of my closet. This one, themed for the month of February, is a love letter. It's also the first of the bags I've put to use after taking all the stuff out. I'm using it as a pencil pouch to hold some of my planner stuff. The letter thing kinda seemed perfect. Anywho, let's get into it!

Trust Fund Beauty Polish in I'm Kind of a Big Deal - I'm absolutely a nail polish person, so I was super excited to see a polish in this month's bag. It's February, so naturally the polish is pink. I'm 100% not a pink person. Never have been. I don't own a single pink nail polish. Way to get me out of my comfort zone, Ipsy. I was still eager to try it, if only to get some exposure to the brand. While I'm still on the fence about the color (a very spring appropriate, Pepto Bismol pink), the polish itself is fantastic. It was opaque with one coat - something I hardly find, and it wore beautifully, making it almost an entire work week on me (a minor miracle). I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for polishes from this brand in some more appealing shades.

Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm - This is a product that I've heard talked of so endlessly, I thought finally to myself when I saw it in this month's bag. As in, finally I would get to try it! I have to say, I really haven't jumped on the highlighter bandwagon - partially because I don't see it having a big effect on my cheeks. But, I really, really like this as an under-eyebrow and inner-corner of the eye brightener.

Paula Dorf's Baby Eyes Enhancer - I used to actively seek out products like this when I wore tons of eye makeup. Used to eliminate redness and help eyes appear wider and more awake, a nude eye pencil is like a pick me up for your waterline. I've been going a little more minimal on the makeup lately, so I haven't been reaching for this on a daily basis, but I still liked it the times that I used it. It went on smoothly and was a good nude-but-not-too-bright shade for me. I'll be reaching for it again.

Perfectly Posh's Best Face Forever Exfoliating Face Wash - We've reached the product I haven't tried yet. I was having an almost ridiculously good skin month (I'm putting together a blog post about the things that have helped me achieve this) and as a result, I was a little terrified to throw a wrench (or a new face wash) into things, in case my skin reacted in some way. I am excited to try it - I've never really found an exfoliating cleanser that I loved, so I'll have to report back if it changes my life.

Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind's Sparkling Lipgloss in Pink Sequin - *sighs* I don't even know where to start with this one. The brand of this gloss is Vintage - appropriate, since I felt a little like I traveled back to grade school with this one. It's lipgloss. But not just lipgloss. It's sparkly. pink. lipgloss. Who chose this product?! Who would wear it?! I tried it once, for the sake of being able to talk about it, and there's no scenario in which I would ever wear this out of the house (unless I was going as 90s Britney for a costume party). This is the first never-ever-again product that I've received, which is pretty good, all things considered.

While this bag didn't wow me like last month's, I also wasn't disappointed. I was excited to try some new brands, and I'm definitely planning on receiving another bag next month (which will, happily, be a little less pink). I'd love to hear what you think of these products or what you got in your February Ipsy, so let me know down below!

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