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With spring pretty much in full swing, I feel like all my favorite brands are coming out with great new products. I thought I would put together a post sharing some of my new (and new to me) drugstore finds from the past few months.

During my recent trip to Target I discovered that they've started carrying the brand essence. I was super excited because so many people have great things to say about the brand, but I find that Ulta never really carries a wide selection of their products, and the whole point of a bargain brand like essence is not having to pay a lot (i.e. I'm not paying to have it shipped). 

I was drawn to this blush like a moth to a beautiful, beautiful flame. The Blush Up! Powder Blush in Heat Wave has almost an ombré effect in the pan, going from peach to pink. I love peach blushes and they're perfect for spring and summer. I also picked up one of their Long Wearing Lipsticks in Coral Calling, as well as one of their Cream to Powder Highlighters in Look on the Bright Side. I love how cool and pale this highlight is - a lot of cult favorites are pink or champagne and don't show up on my skin.

On a separate trip to Target (I know, I have a problem) I picked up some new products from elf and NYX. From NYX, I picked up the First Base primer spray. I've been looking for a product like this ever since I finished off my NYX Matte Setting Spray (which I used as a primer) and I'm really liking it. It does a great job of making my foundation lay smoothly (especially if I have any unevenness or breakouts) and it actually helps my makeup last through the day, which I find most primers promise but don't deliver.

I also picked up the elf Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Taupe. I'm constantly on the hunt for my forever favorite brow product because I'm a tough customer. I have naturally sparse and fair eyebrows, so it takes a lot to impress me. I really like the color and consistency of this pencil, which is really easy to blend with the attached spooly. I've been using this to outline and fill in my brows before I go over them with another drugstore product I've been loving lately:

The Wet n Wild Ultimatebrow Mascara in Nothing But Bru-Nette. The wand on this is thinner than most you find in the drugstore, and the shade is great. It's easy to swipe this on to give my brows a little definition when I don't want to spend ten minutes in the morning trying to make my eyebrows look like eyebrows, although I have to be careful not to let it touch my face (which I can sometimes do at 5:45am).

Wet n Wild is a brand I've loved for a long time, but they've really been upping their game lately. That's why I was so excited to try their Mascara + Lash Fibers kit. After trying it a couple of times, I have mixed feelings. I love the mascara, and I found the whole process of applying mascara, then fibers, then more mascara pretty fool proof. I wore the fibers the first time with great results, but the second time I wore them, my eyes were irritated the whole workday, and I was so afraid of being that uncomfortable again that I didn't try them a third time. I have, however, continued to use the mascara by itself, which is great. If you have tips for me about applying lash fibers, leave them for me below, because I want to love this product so hard.

I've been rocking substantially less eye makeup than I have in past years, but when I watched Bailey @ Daily Bailey B's video about the Maybelline Master Prime  in Prime + Matte, I knew I had to give it a shot. It actually keeps my eyes matte, and I find it can be worn alone (it's a really pretty taupe) or used, as intended, as a base for other products.

Last but certainly not least is my favorite find from the drugstore and that is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I am (clearly) a fan of makeup, and as a result I'm also a fan of makeup removers. Still, its rare that I find one that I actually like.

For a few months, I was using the Aveeno Sensitive Skin Makeup Removing Wipes (which I mentioned in a recent Trash Talk) and although I loved them and repurchased them several times, they did irritate my eyes slightly and left a residue on my skin that I wasn't a huge fan of.

Sometime around the beginning of the year, I stumbled on the waterproof version of this micellar water and loved it so much that when I realized a few weeks later that there was a regular version, I picked that one up too! I'd never tried a micellar water before, but I'm a convert. There's no oil, alcohol, or fragrance (i.e. the things that irritate my skin or eyes) and I noticed an immediate difference in my skin when I switched to this over traditional makeup removers.

Both versions do an excellent job of removing makeup (I can't attest to the waterproof claim because I'm not a masochist) so I find I prefer the original (pink) over the bi-phase waterproof (blue) version. They come in a huge bottles that have lasted me months - plural - and I still haven't run out. I think I've found one makeup remover I'm actually willing to commit to, and I highly, highly recommend it.

Let me know if you've tried any of these products and/or what beauty products you've been reaching for or trying out lately. Have you noticed all the new stuff in the drugstore or are you exhibiting some restraint? If so, teach me your ways. Until next time!

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