Beauty Talk: My June Ipsy

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It's been a couple months since I've shared what I received in my ipsy bag! If you're unfamiliar, ipsy is a beauty subscription service. It's like sending yourself a present every month (except less sad and more fun). The excitement of opening it up and getting to play with new beauty/skincare makes the ten bucks totally worth it. I'm always into seeing what other people have gotten in their bags and how it compares to my own.

My nail polish phase never actually ended, so getting Formula X nail polish in Wingwoman was right up my alley. As I was applying it, I realized the reason the brand sounds so familiar is because YouTuber Rachel Whitehurst has talked about Formula X as one of her favorite nail polish brands. While I don't typically think about red as being a summer color, this pretty, orange leaning red is a nice change of pace. It was streak free and opaque with one coat, and dried quickly. I can't ask for more!

When I cracked open Seraphine Botanicals' Happy Hibiscus Blush, I was expecting a vibrant pink color. Instead I found a mellow mauve. I must admit: I judged it too soon. It seemed unassuming! I knew I wouldn't be able to tell for sure until I wore it, but I wasn't super eager to try it. Once I did, though, I was totally blown away by how much I loved the look of it on my face. This was the dark horse of this month's bag for me. 
Happy Hibiscus Blush // Fireball Eyeshadow
I was less excited about the Urban Decay shadow in Fireball, which, contrary to what the name might suggest, is a shimmery peachy pink. I have yet to wear this one. There's just not a lot of times in my life where I think to myself, "You know what I need? PINK EYESHADOW."

I was, however, very excited to get another brush. This is the third time (I think) that I've gotten a brush in an ipsy bag and they've all been good quality. This Royal and Langnickel Crease/Smudge Brush is cute! It's teal. It's double ended. I brought it with me to get ready for a wedding recently and it came in super handy. I love getting brushes because they last forever and automatically increase the value of the bag.

Finally, I got two sheet masks, which were the things I was probably most excited about. I love masks, but as a chronically lazy person, sheet masks are my favorite because you don't have to wash them off. These BioRepublic Skin Care Fiber Masks came in two flavors - Cucumber Breeze, which smells like what I imagine the spa from that one episode of Gilmore Girls to smell like, and Pomegranate Crush, which I haven't tried yet.

It was super soothing and I felt like I could tell a difference in my skin afterwards - like it had actually soaked up the product instead of just sitting on my face. Also, it had the right amount of folds/cuts in the mask to help it fit right, which I find can sometimes be an issue with sheet masks. These particular ones are biodegradable, which is good since I probably killed a tree to soak my face in cucumber goo. Anyway...this bag was pretty great. 
What did YOU get in your ipsy bag this month? Let me know down below!

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