It's Monday! What are you reading? {07.18.16}

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I picked up Grief is the Thing with Feathers (among others) from my local library. It's a whisper of a novel at 128 pages, and I continue to be astounded by the emotional punch it packs. Keep an eye out for this one (I knew that if Shannon and Julianne loved it, it had to be good).

I finally decided to put down Reader, I Married Him after 2+ weeks of muddling through. I read 12 of the short stories, which I think is why I was being so stubborn about finishing it, but the reality is there's so many other things I'd rather be reading.

I sped through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which was...meh. It's not my favorite P&P adaptation, but I respect what Grahame-Smith was attempting to do in making a classic more accessible. I think my students would be into it. Let me know if you've seen the movie, because I might have to seek that out next.

I flipped through Humans of New York, which isn't so much a chronological read as it is an adventure. I think it'd make a great conversation starter/coffee table book and I find something new and exciting every time I look through it. I think everyone will recognize a little bit of themselves in these snapshots and stories. I know I did.

On a whim, I'm currently reading Steinbeck's The Pearl, but I'm looking forward to reading How to Set a Fire and Why, The Beautiful Bureaucrat, and My Lady Jane, all of which I picked up yesterday. I welcome suggestions as to which one I should dive into first!

What are YOU reading this week? Also, let me know what your opinions are on adding books you did not finish to your Goodreads goal for the year. I haven't been doing so, but I want to know what you think!

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