It's Monday! What are you reading? {07.11.16}

2:55:00 PM

Wanna see what everyone else is reading?
Happy Monday, all. Who knew Mondays could actually be an okay day (when you don't have to work)? I certainly didn't. As per usual, this post is going up later than I would like, but I have good reasons:

- I spent the weekend introducing my mom to Great British Bake Off and it was as wonderful and magical an experience as when I first discovered it. I wish I would have live-tweeted her reactions, but I was too busy crying with laughter. She couldn't believe we watched 10 hours of TV in one weekend. Oh, you sweet, innocent soul.

- After remaining safely cocooned in the air conditioning all weekend, I ventured out for snacks (I'm still selling my soul for Starbucks' Mango Black Tea Lemonade), and ended up going on a joyride. I cranked the AC and the radio and it did wonders for my mood. You should try it.

- I started dinner by throwing all the things into a crockpot, which is my favorite way to cook because I don't actually have to do anything. I keep this recipe as a screenshot on my phone so I get the proportions right, but you could basically do this with whatever you have and it would still taste good. That's the magic of a crockpot and a gallon of bbq sauce.

I'm still muddling through Reader, I Married Him, which I've had mixed feelings about thus far. Beth @ The Quiet People did a breakdown of the first several stories, and shared my surprise that the collection...isn't...all that Jane Eyre-ish. I'm hoping to finish soon so I can get some more coherent thoughts together. I took notes and everything!

What did you do this weekend? And now that it's Monday, what are YOU reading?

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