Monthly Scribbles: July

9:02:00 AM

The weird stuff.
Why aren't you watching Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog right now??
Seriously though, both of these books are weird and wonderful. Grief is the Thing with Feathers is dark, but also way funnier than a book with 'grief' in the title has any right to be. The Beautiful Bureaucrat, in addition to teaching me how to spell bureaucrat, has also forever changed the way I look at office buildings. *shudders*

Broadchurch. It consumed my life. I don't watch Doctor Who, so I never really got the whole David Tennant thing until now. It's an emotional drama about a beachside town where a child goes missing, and it was excellent for getting me out of my own head for a while. It's on Netflix, if you're looking.

All the things I told you about in my simple summer makeup post.

It was a big music month for me. Joy Williams released an acoustic version of her recent album, Venus. John Paul White also started making music again and I was both happy and sad. Tegan and Sara went a totally different direction with their recent album and I decided I didn't hate it. I made a couple of Spotify playlists if you want to check out more of what I was listening to this month.

I heart this ridiculous tumblr thread about a dog/bath bomb. Don't ask me why I find so much joy in this. I just do.

My magical moment (a la leighannsays) was going to a book signing for Morgan Matson's novel, The Unexpected Everything. I loved Since You've Been Gone when I read it last summer, and TUE was a similarly perfect summer read. It was very low-key - she read, answered questions, signed books, and (of course) took a polaroid or two. I ended up going kind of unexpectedly (see what I did there?) and I'm glad I did!

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