Black Holes, Migraines, and Other Things That Suck // Week 32

5:13:00 PM

The end of this week totally snuck up on me. I got sucked into a black hole of a migraine that lasted for several days and really ate up my week. If you get migraines, you know the struggle. Before that though, I did some things.

I watched You're the Worst, which is funny and sweet and explores relationships and mental health in a way that feels honest while still being a comedy. They just put the third season up on Hulu!

I received an ARC of Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng! I really enjoyed Everything I Never Told You, so I was super excited. I haven't finished it quite yet because of the aforementioned migraine, but I'm liking it so far.

I washed my makeup brushes. I'm a little ashamed to admit how infrequent an activity this is, but I've gotten a little better about it since discovering the Japonesque coconut cleanser. It's a pot of soap that you swish your brushes around in and it makes life that much easier. I prefer the coconut iteration to the original because it's less fragranced.

I prepped for the upcoming school year. This is the last week of summer before I head back to work! If there's a word for excitement but also deep dread, that's how I feel. I came up for air post-migraine to a news cycle full of discussions about race and Nazis and confederate flags and while it is unsurprising and deeply saddening, it has also reinforced in my mind the importance of helping students to develop empathy, think critically, and understand history.

Here's hoping next week is devoid of black holes, migraines, Nazis, and other things that suck. 

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