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This week? There was strawberries. There was tea. And there was a lot of badass ladies.


The average temperature here can be calculated by adding the temperature of the sun's surface to hellfire, so pretty much all I've done this week is lay under the AC and watch stuff. My mom and I had a movie marathon (Hidden Figures, The Help, and Gifted - all funny and tearful and full of women breaking boundaries).

I watched the first two episodes of Midnight, Texas - a show about a town that functions as a safe haven for the supernatural - and can't wait to see the rest of the season unfold.

I watched the first season of Good Behavior - Michelle Dockery absolutely blew me away with her performance.

I read The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt and thought a lot about the way our relationships with our parents shape us, intentionally or not, into the people we become.

I shared my July favorites, but left out two songs that I have been loving:

Know Your Name by Mary Lambert - The song is contagious and the video is 80s arcade inspired and full of diverse and talented ladies, including Sara Ramirez!

Praying by Kesha - Kesha is another example of what I think of as the Lady Gaga phenomenon - people are continually surprised that they are "traditionally" talented because that's not the version of their art that they present to the world. I'm glad we're getting to see another side of her - one that reflects the growth and experiences she's had.

How was your week?

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