Things I Heard: live music + podcasts

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It's been a while. But rather than dwell on the hecticness of my schedule (very) and the speed with which the last several months have passed (warp), I'll share with you some Things I Heard:

I've been attending concerts, which is a new thing I'm doing by myself for myself. I've seen Lucius, Twin Peaks, and Dessa this year. All three were at unique local venues that I had never visited before, which was fun. Seeing Dessa was the absolute highlight. The last time I posted, I had just heard her do an AMAZING cover of the song Balance on the podcast I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats and I became obsessed with her new album, Chime. There's not a bad song on the album.

I also got to see Waitress! Sara Bareilles is one of my all time favorite writers/musicians and when I heard that she was writing the music and lyrics for this show, I knew that I had to hear it. Even though I already had the cast recording memorized before seeing the show, it was an absolute dream to see it live. It was so much funnier than I expected and just all around fantastic. Plus, I got to see Lenne Klingaman (from the web series Sandition) play Dawn, who is my awkward soul sister.

I'm still kicking myself for not seeing Brandi Carlisle while she was touring for her new album, By The Way, I Forgive You. Sound wise, it's a departure for her, which was a little off-putting at first. Ultimately it's still lyrical and powerful and her and once I gave it a chance, I couldn't stop listening.

Despite my best efforts to move my job closer to my house using only my mind, I've still got a long commute and as a result, I listen to a lot of stuff. I'm still loving My Favorite Murder. I've got tickets to see them live later this year and I'M. SO. EXCITED. I made this list of podcasts I was loving in 2017, the Year of the Podcast, and most of those are still frequent fliers. I've also got some new additions: Ear Hustle, Heaven's Gate, Atlanta Monster, Making Oprah, and Uncivil

Let me know what music, audiobooks, and podcasts you've been listening to and loving lately!

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